With This Claw I Thee Wed

With This Claw, I Thee Wed

The astounding image commissioned for the cover of this book is a digital photo manipulation by British artist Daniel White. I find it equal parts gorgeous and disturbing. On the one hand, we see the visual markers of the normative performance of bridal beauty: the model’s slender body is clothed in a strapless creation of pearls, lace, and sequins; her wedding rings display enough bling to prove her wealth; even her spikes curve with delicate femininity over her forearms. Yet, of course, she is not the idealized bride because of those spikes and scales and claws. She symbolizes something monstrous underlying the mythos of the bride—and eventually the wife and mother. What would a marriage be like with that kind of beast? And if she had children, how long would it be before she ate them?

About Daniel White

Daniel WhiteDaniel White saw a new AS-level Photography course advertised at his school and thought it sounded like the perfect fit for his interests. Taking the course inspired him to pursue photography as a career. He studied BA honors photography at Nottingham Trent University, becoming self-taught in Photoshop along the way. Five years later, he is managing an imaging team for a global consulting company. In his spare time, Dan manipulates his own photographic images in Photoshop to create original scenes and characters.