Diana L. Tucker

Diana L. TuckerDiana L. Tucker is the academic coordinator and a core faculty member in communication in the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) at Walden University. She teaches the undergraduate core class in communication as well as public speaking, interpersonal communication, mass communication, and intercultural communication. As the academic coordinator, Diana coordinates the 30 faculty in the CUGS Communication Division.

Her passion is teaching people about branding and using social media to brand themselves and their organizations/clients. Previously, she taught public relations and organizational communication as well as writing for the media and the basic communication course at Ashland University, where she served as chair of the Department of Communication Arts.

Diana holds a PhD from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Her research has appeared in Casing Organizational Communication (Kendall Hunt); Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender: Historical Perspectives and Media Representatives (Palgrave MacMillan); and the journal Football Studies.

In her spare time, Diana enjoys cooking, boating, and photography. She lives with her husband, Mark, and their cat, Trout. For more details, visit her website.